Competitions & Fundraising Events

The Blue Voice is run by a group of dedicated SUFC fans, and everything that we utilise at both home and away games comes at a cost to these fans involved. We are always looking at new ways to improve our support, and with a new stadium hopefully on it's way, we are looking at ways we can take The Blue Voice to the next level. We will be running a monthly competition on this page, the details of which you can find below, where prizes will be up for grabs for the lucky winners. We will also be setting up a variety of fundraising events in the near future, the details of which will be made available on our news page once available. All profits will be put back into the club by buying new stuff to use on match days, including streamers, balloons, flags, drums and much more!* As the club finally begins the transition into a brand new stadium, now is the time for all SUFC supporters to help transition our support for our beloved team into something that supporters of all ages can be proud to be a part of. Up the Blues!

Welcome to the FanZone - for just a £2.00 donation to The Blue Voice, you can appear on this page!

The FanZone is a great way to support TBV, and to meet new Southend fans..... it's also a great way to promote your business and website as well. To appear on this page, you can purchase a box using the below PayPal button. Once we have received your donation, we will be in touch via your PayPal registered address to ask you for the details that you want to display on this page - you can display anything (within reason) on this page, including Social Media profiles, your business website, and much more*.

TBV is run by the fans, and everything that we utilise at home games comes at a cost to the fans involved. There is a way to get involved with TBV without having to move to Block W, and that is to donate to the cause. All of the money that is donated will be put back into bringing in new flags, drums, streamers, balloons, etc for TBV to use at home games. To donate to The Blue Voice, you can click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the website.

You are free to purchase as many boxes as you wish, and we will be cycling the boxes round on a regular basis, so everyone will get an equal and fair chance to appear on this page. All money donated will go towards the running costs of TBV - for more details, click here.

*TBV supports the stance that SUFC & many other FL clubs have made against pyrotechnics within football grounds, and would like to remind fans that TBV do not condone the usage of pyrotechnics in and around any TBV areas within any FL ground, & wish to categorically state that none of the money raised by these competitions or events will go towards such devices.

**all content is subject to approval from the TBV team, and all requests will be processed within a maximum of 5 working days.