TBV - Addressing Issues

posted 12 Aug 2016, 03:59 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 18 Aug 2016, 01:23 ]
After the opening game of the 2016/17 season, we (TBV) have unfortunately been left in a very difficult position where we have been asked by various authorities to address an incident within the stands. This is not a post that myself or any other member of TBV wanted to make, and we are disappointed that we find ourselves having to address this situation.

After the Southend goal on Saturday a blue smoke bomb was let off from near the front of W block. Because of this incident, this could unfortunately lead to a number of problems for the club, including potential punishment from the Football Association (FA), which for a club like Southend, is not what we need.

We would firstly like to reiterate to all Southend supporters that The Blue Voice are not responsible for the smoke bomb incident, and we'd like to also remind fans that as a fan group, we do not advocate or encourage the use of smoke bombs or pyrotechnics in any way shape or form in Roots Hall, or any stadium in the UK. As a supporters group, we aim to be as family friendly as possible, and the use of smoke bombs and pyro can put off families, especially if they are first time supporters at Southend, attending their first game.

We have some fantastic links with the club, which we, as a supporters group, have worked very hard to maintain over recent years, and incidents such as the one on Saturday vs Gillingham does not do any favours to us or our reputation. I do fear that if similar behaviour or incidents occur, then you put our reputation with the club at serious risk, and in an absolute worst case scenario, this could potentially lead to TBV no longer operating on match days, which would be a massive shame to those who continue to support Southend vocally. Myself personally, I don't want it to ever come to that, as I truly believe that on our day, we have got fantastic support, and we can generate a lot of noise, however our support would not be as good as it is, if we didn't have the backing of the club.

Therefore, with that being said, we plea with fans to refrain from using  and pyrotechnics at both home and away games. By using pyrotechnics within a football stadium, you are risking a potential ban from ALL live UK and International games (not just Southend), along with potential arrest and fine, regardless of your age. You also put your club at risk of a potential fine from the football authorities for incidents with pyro, which can have a lot of knock on effects financially. As a fan group, we don't want to see fans ejected, banned, or arrested for stupid reasons on the day - that's the last thing we want to see happen, and I'm sure the club and authorities don't want that to happen either. 

For more information on the laws surrounding the use of pyro and smoke bomb in UK Football Stadiums, please see this fantastic post from ShrimperZone's "Cockle42" which goes into much more detail about the risks and repercussions. Once again, we ask fellow supporters in W block to refrain from using pyro of any sort at Southend games, otherwise you WILL risk getting arrested, banned, and likely fined. 

For those who were loud and vocal on Saturday and Tuesday night vs Gillingham, even when we were losing, thank you for your fantastic support, I know it's greatly appreciated by many, including the team. I know the first couple of results have been bad, but as a group we need to stay as positive as we can - it's a long season, let's keep our heads up and keep singing our hearts out, win, draw, or lose. Right now, the players need our support more than ever!

Up the Blues!
The Blue Voice.