Welcome to The Blue Voice

posted 19 Jul 2014, 04:38 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 19 Jul 2014, 04:40 ]
Welcome to the brand new website of The Blue Voice.
Have a look round, and find what we're all about in supporting Southend United. As you browse the site you will see the "donate" button, this of course enables us to invest in various ways to improve the atmosphere or occasion on matchday. 

If you decide to donate it will help us to get balloons, scarves, streamers and maintain our drums that travel to games and get the crowd going. All of the above generally helps with the atmosphere at the Hall and away.
As well as your donation towards the atmosphere it would be great to see a few more of you Blues fans singing and getting involved with the Voice. We're positioned in the W block for home games however we need an atmosphere all around the ground so it would be great to hear a bit of a buzz at the Hall next year. Any donation is much appreciated and acknowledged.

Wolfy & everyone at The Blue Voice